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Online Research

It is a very interactive survey method where subjects will be displayed on the banner while answering the users’ queries. You can easily customize your advertisement the way you like. It is the most appropriate method for a simple research. We provide different types of surveys for your market research, such as Idea Screening survey, Category survey, Product and Concept survey, Price Survey, and others.


eCommerce Store Promotion

We use banners to promote your online store. On Reward Eagle page, we post online store adverts on the top banner to drive conversion and sales. The banners would be appealing enough to increase click-through rate in your website.



We are introducing the first of its kind recruitment method in India. For the first time in India, we are bringing Free Recruitment Advertainment. People get Reward Points once they get hired through our platform


Email Marketing

We are here to help you reach the inbox of your target customers with our email marketing campaigns. We can help you in sending advertisements, latest offers, requests, or anything you want.


App Installation

Do you have your official business app to promote? We can push its Downloads with our app installation campaigns. We can help build organic traffic by boosting app’s ranking in stores with bulk of downloads in the given time-frame. It leads to even more exposure and downloads. This type of ad campaign usually has app’s image, name, and description, apart from a CTA button.


Lead Generation

Our lead generation campaign is here to drive conversation from absolute strangers to known prospects who are interested in your company’s services or products. We can publish coupons, recruitment ads, blog posts, online content, and live events for you.


Mobile Advertising

We can target mobile users through texts, ads within apps, on social media platforms or mobile banner ads on a mobile website. Mobile ads can be anything from in-app ads or video ads to target a specific user base.


Incentive Marketing

As part of incentive marketing campaigns, we can attract people to do anything you want by offering them something as an incentive, once you achieve a certain goal. It is also helpful to push slow-moving items or to clear stocks.

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