Prof. Michael Porter from Harvard Business School was the first to introduce the Business concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV) in a Harvard Business Review (HBR) magazine article in 2001.

Creating Shared Value refers to dealing with social issues while focusing on competitiveness and profitability. It is based on creating mutual benefits and balance between the companies and society. Nestle, the world-leading Swiss F&B brand, is the best example of CSV. They promote and facilitate coffee farming in poorer countries by importing all of their coffee ingredients from developing nations. In return, they generate employment opportunities in those countries to procure finest coffee beans for their products.

When it comes to performing well by helping the society, most people often confuse CSV with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As the name suggests, CSR refers to taking responsibility towards the betterment of society at the cost of operating a business. On the other side, Creating Shared Value focuses on creating value for both society and business.


There are so many products and services introduced in the market with technological advances over the years. How many of them brought change to the societies?

According to Mr. Kazumasa Sunagawa, the founder of Casley India Pvt. Ltd, constructive approaches like micro-financing and SRI can help companies to stand out. In 2011, the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV) was expanded further when companies built their deep connections between their CSR and market strategy.

Mr. Sunagawa was also the entrepreneur who came up ahead with the concept of CSV for the mutual benefit of all employees, clients, and finally, the company. Precisely speaking, the modern world needs modern solutions, and CSV is no exception.


In recent years, many applications have been released on the market. But how many of these products truly made a difference in someone's life?

Casley's founder, Mr. Kazumasa Sunagawa, believes in approaches like SRI and microfinancing. It is society-oriented approaches like these which have a competitive edge on the market. So when CSV was first advocated in 2011, Mr. Sunagawa came on board. Bene


Also known as Global Goals, the Sustainable Development Goals were set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 as a combination of 17 goals to protect the environment, eradicate poverty, and ensure prosperity and peace by 2030.

Casley India, with an aim to create social value, is in full favor of the UN to implement SDGs approaches and objectives to play its part in sustainable growth.