We are devoted to providing intelligent and flexible Agri Solutions, and it has been possible by our experts in agri-food supplies and solutions. Our multi-focused approach makes us the best bridge between technology and agriculture. We have proven expertise in meeting our customers’ needs with security, reliability, and technology. Our experts strive to provide innovative agricultural solutions round-the-clock.


What is Agritech?

Agritech is the cutting-edge joint venture. Casley India Pvt. Ltd. Agritech provides the supply of organic, farm-fresh, and healthy vegetables, fruits, and other items. In 2013, Agritech was focused on Japanese community only. Later on, we reached India and succeeded in building our Transparency, Trust, and Traceability.

What We Do?

We put the latest Japanese technology in farming to produce organic, fresh, and healthy vegetables. We use pure water from hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand and 100% organic manure from lush green plains of Haryana.

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