About us


Since 2017, Casley India Pvt. Ltd has been into Marketing Research, eCommerce Marketing, and Recruitment Advertising in Gurgaon.

Casley India Pvt. Ltd has ensured success in the long run by Creating Shared Value (CSV) for both its stakeholders and society in India.


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We are envisioned to ensure long-term success by providing secure and sensible jobs and creating shared value to realize our dream of Creating Shared Value in India.

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At Casley India, our mission is to make the best use of our IT resources to develop our services and business to Create Shared Value for our clients, society, and staff to achieve all their goals.


There is literally no business model that can provide shared value to companies, clients, its staff, and the society overall. CSV and other business models that can improve social value as a business framework have been introduced over the years in the academic world.

Looking at the future, businesses will no longer focus only on their profits, but also the value of their service providers, i.e. their employees, and the ones they are going to serve, i.e. the society.

From the very beginning, I have been focused on the CSV model as it considers a lot of things that other business models are missing. We are looking forward to being the first to create shared value.


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We aim to create shared value and profit. We provide jobs with meaning and security. It is through our employees' support that this vision can be realized.

In recent years, businesses based on SRI (socially responsible investment) and microfinancing have been shown to be profitable.

I built the company based on the CSV model because it takes many things into account that other models do not. And simply put, I believe it is a better model for business.